Below you can find our recommended application methods for Migraine Escape® and other top tips for getting the maximum benefit from the product.

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6 Steps Application Protocol: Using Migraine Escape as an acute migraine treatment

To achieve maximum effectiveness we recommend following the Migraine Escape® application method each time you feel a migraine coming on.

1. Take action at the very first sign of an impending migraine
  • Most people experience 'prodromal symptoms', which start to form in the immediate run-up to a migraine.
  • These symptoms may include dizziness; blurry vision; nausea; sensitivity to light, sound and smells; the onset of "aura"; paresthesia i.e. numbness, tingling or prickling sensation in the skin; mild pain etc.
  • It is important to recognise what are your own prodromal symptoms so that you can respond as quickly as possible to give yourself the best chance of preventing the migraine from forming.
    2. Clean the area of application
    • Migraine Escape® must be applied to clean skin for it to be absorbed effectively.
    • Use a make-up remover towelette to clean and remove any make-up, moisturiser or sunscreen from the area of application.
    3. Apply Migraine Escape®
    • Apply 3~4 swipes of Migraine Escape® to the forehead, and if required additional application to the source of discomfort. Apply Migraine Escape® over a wide area, not all in one swipe area.
    • For example, if your migraine originates in your neck, apply primarily to the forehead and perhaps your neck for maximum benefit. The forehead is very vascular therefore Migraine Escape® is more readily absorbed through the skin on the forehead as compared to neck.
    • We have found that 3 swipes is sufficient to stop the migraine in the typical case*. However, each person and each migraine is different, so you may need to apply more or less depending on the severity of your migraine. 3 swipes was based on average weight of 70kgs. Depending on your build, you may need an extra one or two swipes. Remember, it is completely natural, so you cannot overdose, if you decide to apply more, rather than less to 'crush' that impending migraine. Once you have stopped your migraines, you can begin to reduce the number of swipes until you find a level of application that works for you and maximises the value from the bottle.
    • Make a note of the total number of swipes you’ve applied so you can start with this amount in the future.
    • Be aware that the extract is golden in colour (due to an important active ingredient) and it can be seen on the skin - if you are sensitive to being seen with it on, apply under your fringe or somewhere less conspicuous.
    • Some people may experience a heat sensation or stinging on the skin upon application.
    • The intensity of this reaction varies from individual to individual and bears a direct relation to the efficacy of pain reduction. Many of our customers come to welcome the heat as a sign that they are ‘crushing the migraine’*.
    • This can be soothed after the pain has subsided by applying natural products like jojoba oil to the skin. If your skin is particularly sensitive, try applying just 1 or 2 swipes instead of 3.
    • The extract is absorbed almost instantaneously through the skin and the blood membrane and goes to work immediately. It is common for the prodromal symptoms to start disappearing within 10-15 minutes of application*.
    • In the event Migraine Escape® is applied when a migraine is already fully developed, it has shown a response time of between 15-40 minutes to stop the migraine*. If you feel Migraine Escape® is ineffective, you can take your normal migraine analgesics as desired.
    • When there is no longer any sign of a migraine the product can be removed by using a make-up remover towelette or soap and warm water. Make-up can subsequently be re-applied.

    Please speak to your medical practitioner before stopping your existing migraine medication. Migraine Escape® does not act as a replacement for those medications but is a Complementary Medicine which in most cases can be used alongside your existing medication. Applying Migraine Escape® at the first sign of an impending migraine attack will in the vast majority of cases prevent the migraine from developing, which hopefully will prevent having to take additional analgesics for the pain.


    General guidance for longer-term migraine prevention

    Regular application of Migraine Escape® has been shown to lead to a significant reduction in the frequency of migraines in chronic migraine sufferers*.

    During our pilot clinical trials, chronic migraine sufferers (15 or more migraines per month) applied the treatment as a preventative 4x per day and again whenever they felt an impending migraine attack. They reduced the frequency of application as the frequency of migraines reduced*.

    We observed positive results after 1 month of continued application and, after 4 months of usage, participants reported experiencing only 1 or 2 migraines per month, a huge drop in incidence. When migraines did form, they were treated as soon as symptoms appeared and the migraine was stopped before fully developing. 

    4 applications per day of 4 swipes each translates to approximately one bottle of Migraine Escape® per week, however with the passage of time the frequency of migraine events should be reduced such that each bottle also lasts longer*.

    Daily application

    If you suffer from migraines very regularly you may want to apply Migraine Escape® on a daily basis.

    Our recommendation would be to start with an evening application, and use a silk scarf or headband to prevent the extract getting in your eyes or on the pillow.

    Be sure to re-apply Migraine Escape® at the first signs of a impending migraine.

    From our experience, the apparent restoration of the plasticity of the nerves after 4~6 weeks begins to result in reduced migraine incidence. At that stage, we would recommend only applying at the first sign of a migraine and no longer as a daily preventative.*

    Top tips: Figure out what works for you

    Every migraine sufferer is different - your migraines come in different patterns and forms, and everyone has different migraine 'triggers'. It is helpful to take note of patterns in the behaviour of your migraines i.e. when and how they occur, as we often observe a greater level of effectiveness when customers tailor the application of Migraine Escape® to the specific characteristics of their migraines.

    For example:

    Waking up to migraines

    Some of our customers tend to suffer from morning migraines. By applying Migraine Escape® prior to going to bed at night they reported a noticeable reduction in the occurrence of these morning migraines.*

    Stress trigger

    One chronic migraine sufferer, once her migraines had become less frequent and more manageable, applied Migraine Escape® in stressful situations that she knew from past experience would trigger a migraine. She was able to effectively prevent migraines from developing.*

    Jaw clenching

    One of our patients says that migraines cause her to clench her jaw, which only makes the migraines worse. She applies Migraine Escape® to both her temples and jaw and says this makes the pain disappear within 10 minutes. She now also applies Migraine Escape® whenever her dizziness and nausea symptoms begin to appear and after 4 months she has gone from one migraine/week to zero.*

    User scenarios

    Below is some guidance should you encounter of the following situations while using Migraine Escape®.

    Migraine Escape® is viscous and gets in your eyes

    Migraine Escape® is a fairly viscous liquid. The viscosity varies slightly with every batch due to natural plant variance. In any case, sweating can cause the liquid to run down into the eyes and start stinging.

    During our pilot clinical trials, we had a group of female participants who were experiencing migraines due to menopause and were waking up at around 5-6 am with a fully developed migraine. We recommended applying Migraine Escape® before going to bed and managed to stop 100% of those migraines!* A remarkable achievement.

    However, these results came with a trade-off. During the night these women experienced the common menopause symptoms of night sweats and chills, resulting in the extract running down and stinging their eyes. One lady found that by wrapping a silk scarf around her forehead after application she was able to prevent Migraine Escape® getting in the eyes. She subsequently became migraine-free and retained her career in finance, which had been under threat because of the amount sick days she had been taking due to her migraines.*

    Migraine Escape® 'burning' sensation!

    Many customers find that Migraine Escape® leads to a kind of heat sensation on the skin. Some people report a warm to hot sensation, and some even say it stings or burns; a minority report a chilling sensation, while others don't feel anything at all. The intensity varies wildly and is caused by gingerols, the active component of fresh ginger, which act in a similar manner to capsaicins  in chilli.

    We have found a direct correlation between the heat level and the efficacy of the product. This means that if we "remove the heat" we drastically reduce its effectiveness as a pain killer. At one stage the team at IHP discussed removing it but our clinical trial patients begged us not to do so. Most users, once familiar with the heat, welcome it as a sign that they are 'crushing' the migraine and are going to regain control of their lives.*

    In any case, Migraine Escape® can usually be removed after 15-20 minutes if applied at the prodromal stage, as on many occasions it should have arrested the development of your migraine by then. Afterwards you may like to apply jojoba oil to the area - we have found this to be great at neutralising and soothing any burning or skin irritations.

    If your skin is particularly sensitive, you may like to apply just 1 or 2 swipes per application, as opposed to our baseline recommendation of 3.

    Please note that the effectiveness of Migraine Escape® to a large degree lies in the fact that it is topically applied directly to the skin, as this allows for immediate absorption into the blood stream and quick pain relief as a result. If it was ingested like a traditional analgesic then it would have to be absorbed through the stomach and the response time would be a lot longer.

    Migraine Escape® doesn't seem to have any effect on my migraine pain

    Have you received botox treatment for migraines?  It appears that Botox blocks Migraine Escape from working, we assume by blocking the ability of the gingerols-6 to attach to the nociceptors, thereby preventing the insulating affect of preventing prostaglandins from attaching to the nociceptors

    Low effectiveness is almost always due to improper application, so if you feel Migraine Escape® is not providing you with sufficient pain relief please contact us at We will do our best to provide you with personalised guidance on how to use Migraine Escape®, so that you too can overcome migraine pain once and for all.

    If you happen to be one of the 5-10% of migraine sufferers that Migraine Escape® appears not to be effective for*, you are covered by our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee program. Just email us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund your money in full (excluding postage & handling) upon receipt of the returned product, no questions asked.