The science behind Migraine Escape®

81% of migraine sufferers are dissatisfied with their migraine treatment

To us, that’s unacceptable. So we looked at why this is the case and set out to fix it.

Why do existing migraine treatments fall short?

Conventional pharmaceuticals are usually designed to act against 1 or 2 pathways of an illness. We call this their therapeutic mode(s) of action. That’s fine if you’re treating something straightforward, but migraines are anything but straightforward.

Migraines are extremely complex and powerful chemical reactions caused by multiple factors. At the very least, there are 5 major processes through which migraine attacks the body: inflammation, nociception, oxidative stress, neurodegeneration and nausea.

So what you have is an illness that attacks the body on at least five fronts, and a treatment only protecting you on one of those fronts. And we can’t just double up on these drugs - the health risks are too high. Quite simply, many migraine treatments are not fit for purpose.

Mechanisms of migraine

Like having 6 drugs in 1

Migraine Escape® directly fixes that problem

Migraine Escape® is designed to overcome this fundamental issue with migraine medications.
Whereas conventional treatments have 1 or 2 therapeutic modes of action, Migraine Escape® possesses at least 6 therapeutic actions that directly target the key mechanisms of migraine. This is why we say it is the equivalent of having 6 drugs in 1, fighting off migraine for you on every front.
Not only that, being 100% natural means it has a better safety profile than your typical synthetic pharmaceutical, with fewer known side effects and lower long-term health risks.
Migraine Escape therapeutic mechanisms

How does each mode of action work?

Anti-inflammatory (COX-2)

Inhibiting COX-2 - an enzyme released during inflammatory response - is a common mechanism of pain relief drugs. Natural chemicals in Migraine Escape® perform the same function.

Anti-inflammatory (CGRP)

Phytochemicals in Migraine Escape® suppress the release of CGRP, which is increasingly recognised as the key chemical responsible for pain in a migraine attack.


Migraine Escape® possesses anti-nociceptive properties which reduce the sensitivity of pain receptors to unwanted migraine-causing stimuli in the body.


Migraine Escape® is a potent anti-oxidant, meaning it helps to clear out ROS toxins in the body that are a common feature in migraine pathophysiology.


Neuroprotective effects in Migraine Escape® work to counter the brain cell degradation that is both a contributor to and consequence of migraine attacks themselves.


Emesis or nausea is a common migraine symptom, which is why the potent anti-nausea properties in Migraine Escape® can help to short-circuit a migraine attack.

Where does the power in Migraine Escape® come from?

Migraine Escape® is a pure liquid extract derived 100% from the ginger plant.

That may not sound like much at first, but that’s probably because you aren’t aware that ginger is one of the most powerful medicinal substances on the planet.

Ginger contains more therapeutic properties than any synthetic drug could ever dream of. But there is a catch:

Low natural concentrations

For longer-term, more severe/regular migraine sufferers like ourselves, the concentrations of ginger’s active ingredients are simply too low to make a difference on our migraines.

Incomplete extracts

Meanwhile, after trying ginger oils and powders, we discovered that they use processing techniques that crush away many of these properties. Those products aren’t developed with migraine sufferers in mind, after all.

Power of ginger root
Migraine Escape 2ml bottle
We do things differently

A new gold standard of ginger products

With ginger we had found the right ingredients needed for migraine relief, but the recipe still needed work.

Through extensive R&D we developed unique technology to create increasingly more pure and complete extracts, trialling each variation on migraine patients to test its effectiveness in the real world.

After 4 years, we finally produced the result we were looking for: a complete extract that retains all of the key ingredients for migraine relief and in concentrations high enough to take on migraine and win.

Migraine Escape® represents the gold standard of ginger extracts, unlocking the migraine-fighting power within ginger that otherwise stays trapped inside this amazing plant.

The Migraine Escape® formula

of ginger's pharmacological compounds effective for migraine relief
And is
the strength of ginger in its natural form

A breakthrough in the treatment of migraine pain

Life changing impact

The result is a product that works, allowing the majority of users to treat their migraines and regain control of their lives.

Vanessa Tingcombe

"Everything just runs smoothly and I’m not tired. I feel just more energised. And I don’t have a headache - I couldn’t tell you when I last had a headache." *

Try it yourself

Available March 2020

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A natural solution

Designed to agree with your body

After years of medication, rebound headaches and next to no progress, we weren't willing to settle on the norm. We weren't willing to use - let alone share - a product that damages our long-term health and makes us feel short-term worse, even if it stops the migraine itself.

Because of the purity of the Migraine Escape® extract, there was no need to add any synthetic chemicals to the mix, meaning it's 100% natural - a breakthrough in how we use science & nature to deliver better outcomes for health.

In practice, all-natural is not just a "nice to have". It means it's something you can put into your body without worrying about damaging your liver or kidneys. It means that it doesn't come with the side effects you might have experienced with other medicines - brain fog, chest pains or medication overuse headaches.

Migraine Escape®
Other treatments
Chest pains:
Rebound headaches:
Brain fog:
Risk of addiction:
Potential kidney/liver damage:


As a highly concentrated extract applied topically, the most common side effect of Migraine Escape® is itchiness or a heat sensation on the skin. If you have sensitive skin or are particularly sensitive to inputs of any kind, this reaction may be exacerbated.

To read more about how Migraine Escape® is used and any potential negative effects, click below or see our FAQs.

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Our commitment to quality

GMP Pharmaceutical standard manufacturing with highest quality ingredients

Migraine Escape® was designed with one goal in mind - to stop migraines. That means no cutting corners, no compromise on ingredients, no compromise on results.

We don’t cut corners

Developed in collaboration with research institutes in Australia, Europe and South America, Migraine Escape® is manufactured in GMP-licensed facilities to the same standards as modern pharmaceuticals.

In 2014, Migraine Escape® was reviewed by the Australian Government Therapeutic Goods Administration and awarded Listing approval as a Complementary Medicine.

No compromise on ingredients

During our R&D phase we trialled ginger varieties from all over the world, but were either unsatisfied with their medicinal potency or alarmed at their heavy metal content. We eventually found what we were looking for right back at home in Australia, where the climate, soil and growing techniques make for ginger with the optimal phytochemical balance.

We use only the highest quality Queensland variety ginger grown in the Bundaberg region of Queensland, Australia. Australia is known for the quality of its agricultural products and Migraine Escape® is truly representative of that.

No compromise on results

The Migraine Escape® extract was awarded US patent in 2018. This demonstrates that Migraine Escape® is unlike any other migraine solution that exists, which is exactly why the results are different.

Migraine Escape® represents the start of a revolution in natural medicine - the use of cutting-edge science to unleash the power of Mother Nature for the benefit of our health.

Listed and regulated by the Australian goverment TGA

Pure natural Australian ingredients

Strict GMP Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Internationally patented

Results in the real world

Government regulated

Users protected by Product Liability Insurance

Proudly developed in partnership with

Alaron Southern Cross Plant Science Southern Cross University Western Sydney University Legacy Health Griffith Hack
Our story
How did we discover this amazing relationship between ginger and migraines? It all started because the old ways were not working. So we started digging, and researching and experimenting. Our goal was to stop Judy’s migraines and we didn’t stop until we found the right recipe using ginger’s awesome ingredients. It has helped Judy to literally escape her old life and since then others in the migraine suffering community.
Michael Dale
Founder of Migraine Escape®