We are delighted to be able to share with you many positive comments from users of Migraine Escape®. We do not pay for reviews - these are all real comments from real people around Australia!

"Migraine Escape has helped me so much, in fact changed my life. I couldn't get out of bed, and vomiting all the time. My life was so debilitating. My life was all down hill. I can now do jobs at home, drive to town, do a few jobs and drive home - which I could not do before. I now can go for long walks, and have bought a bike to go riding, which I couldn't even think possible before."[*]

Kerrie B, 25+ classic migraines per month sufferer

"When I became acquainted with Migraine Escape I felt optimism although it was very guarded optimism due to so many years of failure. My mother has been taking it faithfully for a couple of months now and has noted slow steady impressive improvement. She is overjoyed at the improvement and appears to be on track for complete resolution in another month or two.

My wife also has suffered from lifetime severe headaches, although they're not quite as severe as my mother's. She also has found Migraine Escape to be more effective than any of the other drugs she has ever tried. The frequency of her migraines are also decreasing steadily. She also loves the fact that Migraine Escape does not have the vasoconstrictive side effects of the triptan drugs.

As a physician I highly recommend this product to anyone who has been suffering with migraines. I felt after 20 years of being a physician and never really being able to get my mother any answers, that I am finally able to give her the cure I had always hoped to find."[*]

Donald Vollmer MD - Physician and son & husband to two migraine sufferers

"On Sunday morning I tried Migraine Escape for the first time. I had developed a vicious migraine from something I ate the day before which had become worse through the night but I was too out of it to get up and roll the Migraine Escape until the morning. After application, at about 8am the nausea stopped and then the pain. WOW!! Migraine free after less than 30 minutes and I felt really well - free to enjoy the day.

Such impressive results, after my experiences of taking so many drugs, and trying a huge range of treatments over 40 years. Normally if I eat something that brings on a migraine the negative side effects can last for 24 hours or more, even if I have taken pain relief.

I am going to use it preventatively for the next month and look forward to escaping migraines forever. I enjoyed the warm feeling on my skin and the smell. I have very thin skin so I did feel it but that warmth and smell was a lovely relief from the pain.

Thanks again for creating Migraine Escape - which to me feels like a miracle gift. Worth every cent!"[*]

Cilla S, long-term migraine sufferer

"I have been wanting to send my endorsement of (your) wonderful product since I discovered it stopped or lessened the impact of an oncoming migraine. Also I don’t mind if my forehead has a yellow ginger glow if it gets rid of the migraine, I am so greatful NOT to have a migraine.

I do like the suggestion that Sue offers, ie put it on your scalp, I will try that but honestly for something natural like Migraine Escape which has no side effects, I thank God.

I deliberately put ME on my hands 3 days ago, when I felt numbing in my fingers (I don’t know why BUT I get numbing or tingling in my finger tips) and this seems to happen just before a migraine or headache comes on and the ME either lessens it or stops a migraine happening altogether and I am very greatful for that, thank you Micheal for creating such a wonderful product."[*]

Moana S, New Zealand

"I used this for the first time while at work yesterday. Happy happy happy lol. It didn't progress into a migraine or anything. Usually even if I take a tablet at the stage I used the Migraine Escape I would have had a tolerable bad headache. So I was able to work pain free which is something I haven't done in quite a while. I did notice that when I went for a bath that night that it reactivated the tingling. It wasn't unpleasant or anything just something I'd noticed."[*]

Lyn Mitchell, 16+ classic migraines per month sufferer

"Migraines have been disappearing from my life at a rapid rate... It works, it's amazing, it works and that's what's different."[*]

Lindy Smith, 10 migraines per month sufferer

"I hereby would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for letting my 10 year old participate and so far so good, as it seems to work really well on my son and am very happy with the response so far .....hoping for a very much happier life with him, thank you!"[*]

Mother of Ayden Van Haaften, 10 year-old weekly migraine sufferer

"I was getting migraines 3 times a week and I work...and travel a lot. I have now been able to work easily in stressful situations and not been sick. Completely changed my life from nearly having to leave my job to being able to take charge of my task force and have a completely migraine free day/week/month."[*]

Samantha (pseudonym), 10 classic migraines per month sufferer

"My husband and I were just talking about it today. It's changed the whole dynamics even of the family. Even the girls have said that it works, because mummy doesn't get migraines anymore. It's just been amazing."[*]

Geraldine Ricardo, regular migraine sufferer for 15 years

"I was so very thrilled last Saturday when thinking I was in for a bad day, I applied ME and within half an hour the pain disappeared. I have also used it a couple of times when I have had a headache and it has stopped it developing into anything worse, taking most of the pain away and leaving me to get on with the day."[*]

Jenny Campbell Gibson, 3-4 classic migraines per month sufferer

"Headache eased within 20 mins and I went to sleep, I cannot see why I would use anything else, fantastic product."[*]

Sue Rijinders, cluster migraine sufferer

"Even though I didn’t buy the Migraine Escape for myself, I noticed I had a migraine coming on this afternoon with the onset of flashing lights. Within less than 5 minutes I applied the Migraine Escape, noting the time (3.18pm) and then waited to see what happened. At 3.34pm the flashing suddenly stopped and then nothing. It's now 25 minutes later and still nothing – not the normal course of a migraine for me. Fortunately I don’t experience really bad migraines as I did when I was younger but I still would have at least expected a mild headache and some queasiness in the stomach. Looks like it works."[*]

John Curry, mild and infrequent migraine sufferer

"I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I had a successful experience with ME. I was in the car and felt really nauseous all of a sudden with a bit of tension in the back of my neck. I don't usually get car sickness so I knew a migraine was coming on. I applied the ME on my forehead and it passed within 10-15 mins. Update - I have had fewer migraines than ever so I am very happy about that! When I last got symptoms (at least 2.5-3 weeks ago) I quickly applied ME and kept drinking water and in a matter of 10-15 mins was feeling a lot better. Have probably only had symptoms for migraines twice since I last contacted you and both times ME was a success! So thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial it!"[*]

Maddy Owens, 3-4 classic migraines per month sufferer

"I don't usually get headaches but suddenly it came out of nowhere, and I couldn't focus on my work. My friend gave it to me to try - I applied it to where the pain was and within a matter of 15, 20 minutes I was all good again. I love the smell too by the way!"[*]

Frederick Nyarko, occasional headache sufferer

"Instant relief once I put it on, if I sense that it is coming, I put it on. I used to often wake up with them, but I haven’t experienced such a long period free of migraines as I have since using Migraine Escape. Since I have been using this, I have had great clarity of mind, as migraines massive big fog for me."[*]

Lisa Houigan, 6 classic migraines per month sufferer

“Since using Migraine Escape, my quality of life has greatly improved. I carry it in my pocket everywhere I go and when I feel a migraine coming on I apply a small amount and the pain recedes. It is so comforting to know that I don’t have to stress when I’m working or going out that I may get a debilitating migraine at any moment. My migraines make tasks such as driving impossible for me so before Migraine Escape I was very frightened of even going to town as I have previously become stranded there for hours waiting for my migraine to subside. I also don’t have to use the pain killers I used to take which made me very ill in the stomach."[*]

Judy Backhouse, 8 classic migraines per month sufferer

“I am religiously using as a preventative when the symptom first appears and having fabulous results with that. The migraine is gone within 30 mins. I would say it would be on average a 98% success rate in eliminating the migraine. The points of failure are due to the fact of late application. During a cluster I do re-apply every night though and a couple of times throughout the day. Interesting to note my clusters have reduced from 5-10 days of migraines in a row to 3 tops, mostly 2 days consecutively and that is an awesome result for me.”[*]

Brydie McKee, 10 cluster headaches per month sufferer

“Since she’s been using the Migraine Escape we’ve found that she doesn’t seem to be getting as many headaches. And she’s applied it within a few minutes of feeling the sensitivity and within about 15 or 20 minutes it seems to have stopped it."[*]

Mother of Asha Kelley, 16 year-old abdominal migraine sufferer

“I have had 3 migraines (well I stopped two by applying early as you just confirmed) but one was too late and needed medication for nausea. I sniffed it for the first time and it did relieve the nausea yesterday. So good not to be taking tablets all the time. I am glad I tried this."[*]

Erika Thomas, 2-3 classic migraines per month sufferer