How it works

Migraine Escape® comes in a rollerball vial and is "taken" by simply rolling it on to your forehead. No pills or needles involved.

To maximise its effectiveness, we devise a personal application protocol for every new customer based on the specifics of your individual migraine profile.
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Migraine Escape Satisfaction Guarantee
All-in-one migraine preventative & acute treatment
Your personal application protocol consists of 3 parts: Prevention, Extinguish and Customisation.

Part 1


Migraine Escape® is packed with super-strong medicinal compounds that clear out migraine-causing toxins and repair the body's defences against migraine attacks.

Apply it on a regular basis to reduce the number of migraines you experience, for example, 1-2x swipes twice a day.

Part 2


Think of a migraine attack as like a fire and Migraine Escape® as your fire extinguisher.

You can extinguish a migraine attack by following the 6 Steps application guidelines at the very first warning sign of an impending migraine.

Part 3


Every person experiences migraine differently. With Migraine Escape®, your migraine quirks are no longer an extra something you have to just “deal with” - they become your unique advantage.

After identifying the unique patterns in your migraines, we adapt Migraine Escape® accordingly to get better outcomes. The examples below give a good insight into how this works.

Example #1
Vanessa migraine customisation


2-4x migraines a week

Vanessa’s unique trait was that her migraines occurred in the morning. By the time she’d wake up, it would be too late to apply Migraine Escape®.

In response, we customised the standard prevention protocol so that she’d apply every night before bed, putting Migraine Escape® to work while she slept.

She woke up without a migraine the next morning and within 4 weeks of starting had all but eliminated migraine from her life.

Example #2

Menstrual migraines

During menstruation the body is going through big chemical and hormonal changes. This causes some people to experience menstrual migraines.

With Migraine Escape®, rather than applying continually each day as a preventative, menstrual migraine sufferers need only apply on the days leading up to and throughout menstruation.

By concentrating the use of the extract in this specific window, we suppress the knock-on effects of menstruation, which in turn stops those migraines from forming. Once menstruation has passed and you’re in the clear, you would stop the daily application until next month.


The Migraine Escape® journey in detail

To help visualise how this might all work in practice for you, let’s go through the journey from start to finish with a hypothetical user, Janine.

Step 1

Establish your migraine profile

Janine has just purchased the Migraine Escape® Treatment Package. She schedules a welcome consultation call a few days later and speaks over the phone to one of the Migraine Escape® team. The first objective here is to establish the key aspects of Janine's migraine profile.

Migraine Escape user

    Janine S.

  • 36 years old
  • Works in an office job
  • Married with 2 children
Migraine profile
Migraine frequency
Janine experiences 6 migraines a month, or approximately 1 every 5 days
Occurence pattern
No fixed pattern as to when they occur
Possible cause(s)
Believes the constant level of stress in her life could be the cause
Prodromal symptoms
Gets blurred vision before an attack
Unique Traits
Experiences jaw pain during an attack
Current treatment
Takes prescription medication for prevention and suspects this may cause rebound headaches

Our initial thoughts

Janine has identified stress as the likely cause of her migraines. However, it is far easier said than done to just "cut out the stress" from her life, otherwise she would have done so already.

In this case, Janine would use Migraine Escape® to combat her stress-induced migraines, giving her breathing space to address the sources of stress in her life.

Migraine Escape migraine preventative

Step 2

Determine the specifics of your personal application protocol

Next we determine the Prevention, Extinguish and Customisation parts of Janine's application protocol, based on what we learned in Step 1.

Part 1: Migraine Prevention
Janine's unique trait

High migraine frequency in no discernable pattern

Janine suffers from regular migraines on a continuous basis. This means we want to particularly focus on migraine prevention. To do this we apply Migraine Escape® on a daily basis in order to reduce the number of attacks Janine experiences over time.

Part 1 of Janine's protocol

Daily application of 2x swipes before bed

This gets Migraine Escape® into the system so it can perform its repair work on your body's migraine defences.
Part 2: Extinguish oncoming migraine attacks
Janine's unique trait

Blurred vision prodromal symptom

Janine knows that whenever she experiences the blurred vision, migraine head pain will take over within an hour. She should therefore apply Migraine Escape® whenever she experiences the blurred vision, which should shut down the migraine in its early stages before it turns painful.

Part 2 of Janine's protocol

Follow the 6 Steps protocol at the first sign of blurred vision

This engages Migraine Escape®'s abortive action, allowing you to shut down a migraine attack and avoid the pain phase.
Part 3: Customisation
Janine's unique trait

Experiences jaw pain during migraine

Janine's jaw pain is a common feature of a migraine attack because pain chemicals are produced by nerves located nearby. The habit of jaw clenching can also contribute to a migraine. Applying additional swipes of Migraine Escape® to the jawline helps to relax the jaw muscles and makes for more effective migraine relief.

Part 3 of Janine's protocol

Apply extra swipes along jawline during an attack

By tailoring Migraine Escape® to the unique traits of your migraines, we boost its overall effectiveness.

Step 3

Put your personal application protocol into practice

Below we see how one's interaction with Migraine Escape® might look over time.

  • Day 1
    Start applying Migraine Escape® on a daily basis
  • Migraine Escape® gets circulated around the body and begins the cleansing and healing process through its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and neuroprotective functions.
  • Day 5
    Migraine attack successfully stopped

    Janine notices the blurred vision and applies Migraine Escape® immediately in line with the 6 Steps instructions. 35 minutes later the blurred vision and feelings of an impending migraine have faded away. The pain stage does not materialise and Janine can get back on with her day.

  • The anti-nociceptive effects of Migraine Escape® play an important role in reducing the body's sensitivity to pain during a migraine attack.
  • Day 10
    Migraine attack

    Janine senses the blurred vision again but this time doesn't have Migraine Escape® on hand. The migraine progresses to the pain stage. She applies Migraine Escape® an hour later but only gets moderate relief, highlighting the importance of acting fast whenever she feels the blurred vision.

  • Migraine frequency begins to reduce
    The neuroprotective effects of Migraine Escape® are starting to gain a foothold in the body after 2 weeks of daily use. Janine's migraines have started to reduce in frequency, as she goes 8 days between attacks instead of the usual 5.
  • Day 18
    Migraine attack

    With Migraine Escape® on hand this time, Janine is able to successfully abort the migraine again by applying as soon as she felt the blurred vision symptom.

  • With each bottle of Migraine Escape® containing a minimum of 132 swipes, Janine moves on to her second bottle after approximately 3 weeks of daily application and 3 migraine attacks.
  • 2 weeks without migraine
    Janine goes 2 weeks without migraine, an unprecedented success for her.
  • Day 30
    Migraine attack

    Blurred vision strikes again and Janine responds immediately with Migraine Escape®, successfully aborting another migraine.

  • Janine's daily application of Migraine Escape® is doing a good job of repairing nerve plasticity in the brain, making the body more resistant to migraine attacks. She is experiencing attacks less and less frequently.
  • Month 2
    Just 2 migraines this month

    Janine continues her daily application and experiences just 2 migraines in her second month, down from her usual 1 every 5 days for years beforehand. When migraines do surface, she is having good success with aborting the attacks by acting as soon as she feels the blurred vision.

  • Janine moves onto her third bottle of Migraine Escape®.
  • Day 45
    Phase out daily application

    With significantly fewer migraine attacks, Janine can look at phasing out the daily application and only apply when a migraine attack surfaces. With her migraines having stabilised at 1-2x per month, her third bottle should last her for around a year.

  • Day 70
    Consider reducing migraine meds

    With her migraines largely under control, Janine can consider reducing her medication intake after consulting her doctor.

Step 4: Janine's outcome

Fewer migraines, the ability to stop attacks when they do come & less reliance on medication

We guide for 4-6 weeks before Migraine Escape® should have made a significant difference on your migraine frequency, however this can vary.

Some people experience immediate success while others might have to wait a little longer. In some cases, it may take more tweaking of the application based on your own experience with the product before you find the optimal customisation for you.

Either way, once your migraines have come under control, you can wind down the regular application and just keep a bottle in reserve for individual attacks.

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"Even the girls have said that it works, because mummy doesn’t get migraines anymore"

What kind of migraines does it work for?

Migraine Escape® has been effective for customers with migraine patterns such as the following. If you experience similar traits, there is a greater chance it can help you. Under the new TGA rules effective 31 March 2021 which our new packaging complies with, the permitted indications are that Migraine Escape® can help in reducing the duration and symptoms of mild migraines and headaches.We stand behind our product with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Stress-driven migraines
  • Menopausal migraines
  • Chronic migraines
  • Migraines preceded by aura
  • Migraines triggered by smell
  • Migraines with jaw pain
  • Migraines with neck pain
  • Abdominal migraines
  • Migraines preceded by clear prodromal symptoms
  • Nausea-driven migraines
  • Migraines triggered by anxiety

We're with you all the way on this

To give you the best chance of success with Migraine Escape®, every purchase entitles you to a free welcome phone call and two progress calls with our team. Together we establish the optimal application protocol for you and support you through the process until your migraines are under control.

If you would prefer to know whether Migraine Escape® is a suitable fit for you in advance, schedule a free consultation call with us today.

What about side effects?

A 100% natural solution containing absolutely no artificial chemicals or toxins, Migraine Escape® is not associated with the horrible side effects and health risks that come with other migraine treatments. Though, as with anything you put inside your body, there can be risks, which you can read about below.

Natural but powerful

No artificial chemicals

No pills or needles

Non-addictive & Non-drowsy

The risks of widespread opioid use for pain relief are increasingly well-documented. With the migraine community one of the heaviest users of prescription medication, Migraine Escape® provides them with a safe and effective alternative that can be used at home, at work and on the road.

Minimal long-term health risks

Regular use of synthetic painkillers and medications can lead to side effects such as brain fog, rebound headaches and organ damage, for example to the kidneys and liver. As a purely natural solution, the therapeutic compounds in Migraine Escape® serve to aid your body in flushing out toxins, rather than burdening it with more.

As a highly concentrated ginger extract, the properties associated with ginger are intensified in Migraine Escape®. This applies to both its medicinal properties and side effects.

Ginger itself is recognised as being generally safe, and in small doses has few side effects. These include dermatitis, skin rash, gas, heartburn, upset stomach and vomiting. Higher doses of ginger (5 grams or more a day) may increase the chance of side effects. (WebMD)

Ginger may raise the risk of bleeding. If you have a bleeding disorder, it may not be safe and you should seek medical advice before applying Migraine Escape®.

A regular-sized application (3-4 swipes) of Migraine Escape® equates to approximately 2.0 grams of ginger. This means that following the Chronic Application Protocol (2 regular-sized applications per day) may increase the risk of side effects associated with ginger. We advise applying no more than 16 swipes of Migraine Escape® in a 24-hour period (e.g. a maximum of 4 regular-sized applications of 4 swipes each per 24 hours).

Overuse may be associated with symptoms including an increase in vomiting, increase in migraine-associated pain, increased skin sensitivity and nose bleeding. If you are particularly sensitive to inputs of any kind, you may also have an increased risk of these side effects.

Heat sensation: The most common side effect is a heat reaction on the skin upon applying Migraine Escape®. The severity varies by individual, ranging from a stinging/burning sensation to mild discomfort to nothing at all. People with sensitive skin may want to try a smaller amount initially to test for any reaction. You can find more information about this here.

Scent: Migraine Escape® has a fragrant citrusy smell, reflecting the freshness of the inputs. While many welcome the smell as fragrant and soothing, a handful find it discomforting.

Avoid contact with eyes: Be careful not to get Migraine Escape® in your eyes as it stings.

If for whatever reason Migraine Escape® does not agree with you, we do not expect you to push on using it!

At the first sign of any discomfort or negative effects, you should discontinue use and contact us immediately. Should you no longer wish to continue using Migraine Escape® for whatever reason, no problem - you’re covered by our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

In general, Migraine Escape® can be used alongside your existing medication. In some cases, users have reported greater effectiveness of medication/painkillers when used alongside Migraine Escape®. Please note however that where your medication and Migraine Escape® share the same therapeutic mechanism, the efficacy of Migraine Escape® may be reduced or nullified.

If you take any medications regularly, talk to your doctor before you start using ginger-based derivatives. They could interact with blood thinners and medications for diabetes and high blood pressure.

Always tell your doctor about herbal medicines you take, including ginger.

Let's get you feeling great again!

Available March 2020

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Customised treatment protocol specifically for you

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2x free progress calls

30-day Indefinite no questions asked refund period

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I was suffering from chronic migraines when I discovered Migraine Escape®, I used it as a preventative and am now able to spend time with my two young children without feeling awful

Emma W, New Zealand
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