Under the new laws that come into effect 31 March 2021, Complementary Medicines can now only claim relief for MILD indications. The new approved Permitted Indications for Migraine Escape® are "reducing the duration and symptoms of mild migraine and headaches".

We know from experience Migraine Escape® does provide relief for Chronic Migraine sufferers because the goal behind the product in the very first place was to stop our Founder's sister Judy's chronic migraines that had destroyed her life for over 30 years.

We are a Company driven by Compassion and the want to help reduce the pain in this world suffered by people less fortunate than us. 

As such, we will stand behind Migraine Escape® with our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for any type of migraine headache and as part of our sales support program will work with you in any way we can to try and reduce the incidence and severity of your migraines.

Who is the Chronic Application Protocol for?

The Chronic Application Protocol is designed for use by chronic migraine sufferers.

Your medical practitioner may have already classified your migraines as chronic.

Alternatively, the International Headache Society defines chronic migraine as:

“...More than 15 headache days per month over a three month period of which more than eight are migrainous (meaning they are accompanied by another symptom beside a headache) with, in the absence of medication overuse.”

The other migraine sub-type is episodic migraine, which is defined as less than 15 headache days per month. If your migraines are more appropriately defined as episodic, our Daily Application Protocol may be more appropriate for you.

Before proceeding with the Chronic Application Protocol for Migraine Escape, we recommend that you first receive formal diagnosis from your doctor that your migraines are chronic.


In the event your migraines are chronic, one application of 4 swipes of Migraine Escape per migraine event is not going to be sufficient to overcome the impact of years of chronic pain (e.g. damage to the plasticity of the nerves) and the inflammation factors contributing to your migraines.

With the Chronic Application Protocol, we start out with 2x applications of Migraine Escape per day to get it into the bloodstream, so that your body can benefit from Migraine Escape’s neuroregenerative and anti-inflammatory properties [Phase 1]. At the same time, you can use Migraine Escape as an acute migraine treatment by applying at the first sign of an impending migraine (by following the 6 Steps Application Protocol).

As these properties build up in the body, we typically see a moderation in the frequency of migraine attacks. At this stage, we can moderate down our application of Migraine Escape to 1x mini-application per day [Phase 2].

Once you have achieved a significant reduction in frequency of migraine attacks, you no longer need to apply on a daily basis and can switch to only applying at the first sign of an impending migraine [Phase 3].



During Phase 1, start with 2x preventative applications of Migraine Escape per day (where 1 application = 4 swipes of Migraine Escape across the forehead in a zigzag fashion), preferably one before going to bed and one when you get up in the morning, whilst getting ready for the day.

EVENING APPLICATION: It is best if the evening application can remain on all night for maximum absorption and efficacy. To prevent it getting in your eyes, customers have used either a scarf, headband or a thin barrier line of moisturiser above their eyebrows successfully.

MORNING APPLICATION: The morning application does not need to remain on for longer than 30 minutes, so you can wash it off, apply makeup if applicable and go about your day as normal.


Don't forget to bring your Migraine Escape with you when leaving the house*. Re-apply Migraine Escape a maximum of 2 times during the day (of 4 swipes each) if you feel a migraine coming on (as per the 6 Steps guidelines).

Do not apply more than 16 swipes of Migraine Escape in a 24 hour period (i.e. a maximum of 4 regular-sized applications of 4 swipes each per 24 hours).

Remember, when applying during a migraine event, Migraine Escape is more effective when it is applied before the pain stage, rather than waiting for the migraine to reach the pain stage and then applying.

For chronic sufferers, it usually takes around 12 days of 2x preventative applications per day before Migraine Escape begins to be effective as an acute treatment. This approximately equates to 1 whole bottle.

We have also seen some cases where neither Migraine Escape or existing medication alone is effective an acute treatment, but taken together they are effective.

If at any stage your symptoms worsen, immediately discontinue the use of Migraine Escape and contact us for advice.

*Migraine Escape should be stored in a cool, dark place, such as the refrigerator. When you take Migraine Escape with you, do not leave it in the car and keep it away from direct sunlight or heat.


Once your migraines have become less frequent, you can gradually reduce your application down to a single evening mini-application of 1-2 swipes each day.

Continue with this approach for 1 bottle of Migraine Escape (approximately 2-3 months) or when you start to see a significant improvement in your situation, whichever comes sooner.


In our experience, by the end of the second bottle (approximately around the 8-week mark) the migraines should have dramatically reduced in frequency (often to less than 1x per week) to the point where you only need to apply Migraine Escape at the first sign of an impending migraine.

At this stage, many of our customers still just apply 1 or 2 swipes before bed every night for extra migraine protection. Some say that 1 swipe simply gives them a more relaxed sleep. It is entirely up to what you feel comfortable with.

Whatever your situation, we recommend speaking to our team before commencing use of Migraine Escape. We are here to help you figure out the most effective application method for you.


As a highly concentrated ginger extract, the properties associated with ginger are intensified in Migraine Escape. This applies to both the medicinal/analgesic properties and side effects.

  • From WebMD: In small doses, ginger has few side effects. These include dermatitis, skin rash, gas, heartburn, upset stomach and vomiting. Higher doses of ginger (5 grams or more a day) may increase the chance of side effects.
  • 2x regular-sized applications (4 swipes each) of Migraine Escape equates to approximately 4.0 grams of ginger. This means that following the Chronic Application Protocol may increase the risk of side effects associated with ginger.
  • Do not apply more than 16 swipes of Migraine Escape in a 24 hour period (e.g. a maximum of 4 regular-sized applications of 4 swipes each per 24 hours).
  • Migraine Escape has a heat sensation associated with it when applied to the skin. The severity varies with the individual. People with sensitive skin may want to try a smaller amount initially to test for any reaction.
  • Be careful not to get it in your eyes as it stings.
  • Some people may find the scent of Migraine Escape discomforting.
  • Ginger may raise the risk of bleeding. If you have a bleeding disorder, it may not be safe. Always tell your doctor about herbal medicines you take, including ginger.
  • Women who are pregnant, should seek the advice of their medical practitioner before using Migraine Escape or ginger-based products.
Overdosage/over usage

Overuse may lead to symptoms including an increase in vomiting, increase in migraine-associated pain, increased skin sensitivity and nose bleeding.

If you are particularly sensitive to any types of medication or inputs, you may also have an increased risk of these side effects.


If you take any medications regularly, talk to your doctor before you start using ginger supplements. They could interact with blood thinners and medications for diabetes and high blood pressure.

Warnings on packaging
  • If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.
  • Individuals taking anticoagulants or at risk of bleeding should seek medical advice before applying Migraine Escape.
  • For external use on unbroken skin only.
  • Not to be taken.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store below 25°C.
Medical Disclaimer

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