Migraine Escape® was developed by a dedicated team of scientists and doctors brought together by Michael Dale of Innovative Herbal Products (IHP) Australia. After seeing his younger sister Judy's life destroyed by chronic migraines, Michael set out to find a real solution.

Judy was a lifelong chronic migraine sufferer, meaning she experienced at least 15 migraines every month. Migraines had dictated her life since her early teens - whether it was her learning experience at school, personal relationships or finding stable employment, everything in her life was affected by migraines. She never had the opportunity to be ‘normal’ until she started using Migraine Escape® at the age of 45.

Michael often describes the development of Migraine Escape® as “this extraordinary journey my life has taken after deciding I wanted to help the millions of Judy’s out there.”

Below, Michael shares a bit about the background of Migraine Escape® and how it can help you. Or to read about our story in full, click here.

Michael Dale

Michael Dale, developer of Migraine Escape®

I developed Migraine Escape with my Scientific & Medical Advisory Board and what we’ve come up with is simply the most efficient natural migraine solution on the market. After five years of research and development and over 130 pilot trial participants, Migraine Escape is now ready to help improve the lives of millions of migraine sufferers.

Only someone who suffers migraines themselves, or who lives with someone who suffers migraines, can understand the debilitating effect they have on the lives, friendships, family relationships and workplace relationships of those involved.

The tragic part is that Judy is just one of an estimated ONE BILLION migraine sufferers in the world. Not everyone’s life is as severely affected as Judy’s, but migraines are considered to be the most expensive brain disorder due to the cumulative lost school days, lost productivity and the amount spent on drugs and medical treatment. Despite that, considerably less money is spent on migraine research than many other less debilitating diseases. It seems the world does not care!

Our company motto is ‘where science and nature combine for extraordinary outcomes, ’ and I am proud to say that Migraine Escape truly is proof of that. By harnessing the power of one of nature’s most extraordinary plants, IHP has created something entirely unique in Migraine Escape.

I could talk for days about Zingiber Officinale, commonly known as ginger, a plant that I have become almost obsessed about for its abundance of seemingly magical medicinal properties.

Ginger has a 5,000 year-long history as a pain relief for headaches and migraines in Ayurveda (traditional Indian) medicine - we have adapted it for today’s fast-paced world by offering it in an easy-to-use, quick-acting, topical roller-ball applicator.

We had some great hurdles to overcome during the development phase. I had to keep telling myself, If it were so easy, it would already be on the shelves of every drug store in the world.

It was seeing the effects that Migraine Escape was having on people’s lives that kept me fighting for something that I believe very firmly. Giving migraine sufferers - wherever they may be in the world - a safe, natural, effective, alternative option with which to treat their migraines and improve the quality of their lives.

Our team knew they had discovered something amazing when we observed how effective it was during our pilot trials, and we weren’t the only ones that thought so. In 2014, the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, Switzerland (which oversees the issue of patents worldwide) granted all 28 of the claims in our patent submission as being innovative and unique. This validated that what we created is truly something new and explains why the results from using Migraine Escape are different to everything else on the market.

We subsequently went on to receive listing approval as a Complementary Medicine by the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which is the equivalent of the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). In October 2018 we were granted our US Patent "Treatment of Pain" 10.086.033 B2 recognising our unique and innovative breakthrough in the treatment of migraine headaches.

Judy deserves a special mention and thanks as she was the guinea pig for all of our early trials, while we were trying to identify the correct formulae. She can therefore attest that IHP does NOT conduct any testing on animals! Thanks, Judy!

We have some testimonials about people's experiences with Migraine Escape that we're delighted to be able to share with you (here).

One of the comments I love most is from Lindy Smith from Sydney, Australia: 'Migraines have been disappearing from my life at a rapid rate... It works, and that's what's different.'

Some of our most amazing stories cannot be shared due to patient confidentiality - we have found that many people do not wish for their personal situation to be made public, due to embarrassment regarding their status.

I’m sure some migraine sufferers are reading this who feel the same, that cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel and whose daily life is just an existence in this haze of chronic pain.

Migraine Escape can help you - we will work with you to develop an effective treatment protocol to relieve your pain. If at the end of 30 days we have not reduced your pain, we will happily refund your purchase 100%.

I am very proud of what we have achieved in improving the lives of migraine sufferers and hope that Migraine Escape can help you too to throw off the shackles of migraines and escape the pain once and for all.

Warm regards,